You’re officially invited to dinner…with Melvin! Filthy, funny, alienated, and utterly about something without being the slightest bit pretentious, NB FILMS legacy is proud to bring to the stage “Melvin Goes To Dinner”. “Melvin Goes To Dinner” is a brisk, loose talkfest, dinner-for-four comedy that’s smart, real and entirely enjoyable. Melvin (Derek Wall) goes to dinner with three almost complete strangers linked by casual friendships; his old friend he hasn’t seen in awhile Joey (Steven Gothard), Joey…’s old business school buddy Alex (Nicole Anthony), and Alex’s pal Sarah (Meesha Reilly) whom she ran into right outside the restaurant and invited in. The frequently funny, but also heartfelt conversation goes from dating to sex, to religion, to fetishes, to ghosts and everything else in between. Their self-revelatory banter takes the comedy on some wicked turns as the evening progresses and the empty wine bottles multiply. The characters seem like old friends you haven’t seen in awhile, or new friends you want to see more often. An alternative to what is normally offered, NB FILMS legacy is committed to bringing a new brand of much-needed professional theatre to Thunder Bay each summer, continuing from its record breaking success of “True Directions” last year. “Theatre for those who think they hate theatre, and even BETTER for those who love it.” Directed & Produced by Andrew Paulsen. Written by Michael Blieden Starring: Meesha Reilly Derek Wall Steven Gothard Nicole Anthony Holly Wyder *DISCLAIMER: Please be aware the show contains some wonderful moments of adult language and themes.* MELVIN GOES TO DINNER RUNS August 9, 10, 11 at 8:00pm at The Paramount Theatre (24 South Court Street) Tickets: $10 Available at: The Paramount Theatre (24 South Court Street) High Tide Tattoo Parlour (41 South Algoma Street) The Growing Season (201 South Algoma Street) Steepers (122 North May Street) Also from performers! (if you ask nicely) You’re officially invited to dinner!