Superior Screen Printing Raising Funds for The Underground Gym

By Nancy Saunders

Superior Screen Printing is launching its latest fundraiser as the company says it continues to place a strong emphasis on supporting local philanthropic efforts in addition to providing high quality screen printing in Thunder Bay.

Graphic designer and screen printer Uriel Lubuk explains that he and owner Dave Christen “are constantly trying to be progressive. We bring Dave’s and my backgrounds of working in the community, drawing on our strengths, and working with people in the community who we find are doing positive things.”

The company prints various logos and designs on shirts, hoodies, bags, and other items for businesses and local apparel companies including Ungalli and Northies. But each December, Superior Screen Printing chooses a local organization to raise money for through a fundraiser. “Every year we do a big one at Christmastime,” Lubuk says. “We pick someone who we think needs it the most.” This year’s recipient is The Underground Gym, the shop’s former neighbour on Simpson Street that was forced to close last year after the building suffered water damage as the result of a fire in the building next door. “They’ve been on everyone’s radar,” explains Lubuk.

“We really love doing stuff like this, showcasing the community of artists we have in Thunder Bay, and their talents. It’s amazing that we get to do something like this—making shirts with these cool designs,” he adds.

Going live on December 1, the fundraiser will see $10 from every t-shirt and $15 from every hoodie sold from their online store going directly to the Underground Gym. Apparel features designs by local artists Sonya Lacroix, boy Roland, Pulp and Paper, as well as the shop’s own designs and their Support Your Hood line.

“It’s about leveraging these people in our community to help others,” Christen says. “We’re making these shirts and setting up a webpage, but it’s about the artists we’re working with, and the community that’s buying the shirts.”

To visit the online store, you can go to