Tombstone Territorial Park in Yukon

Ethan Beardy Captures Diverse Landscapes Through the Camera Lens

Story by Wendy Wright, Photos by Ethan Beardy

Ethan Beardy finds inspiration in landscapes far and wide for his photography. Images of soaring mountains and breathtaking skies are brought to life through his lens. Landscape photography and the travels that bring passion to his life are what fuels Beardy and his ever-growing portfolio.

Revelstoke, British Columbia

Beardy started getting interested in the medium of photography late in high school and in his early university years. At the time, he was using a mere cell phone camera. Once his interest in photography was piqued, he bought his first real camera. He hasn’t looked back since. In fact, he keeps moving forward in travel and excursions to feed this growing occupation.

When asked about his favourite photo travel destinations, Beardy finds it difficult at first to choose just one. “One of the best trips has been to Peru,” he says. “The mountains there are very unique.” Mountains are one of Beardy’s favourite subjects, and not only through the lens—he is also an avid skier. He recounts a recent trip through the United States and Canada last winter to ski. “This trip may have been about skiing but I always have my camera in my backpack so I can shoot as well,” he says. “We visited 16 ski resorts from New Mexico and Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana before heading back to Canada to ski the Rocky Mountains here. I enjoy mountain ranges for sure.” Luckily, this trip was just prior to the onset of COVID-19.

Beardy has also been to Central and South America and has a list of places he would like to travel to and photograph in the future. Japan, New Zealand, Argentina, and the Himalayas are high on the list of this adventure seeker. These diverse destinations all have unique and grand vistas in common, though each one is distinct. For now, Beardy’s photography is “a side-hustle until [I] can make it a full-time career. Ideally that’s what I’d like [it] to be,” he says.

Beardy is part of the Nameless Collective, which is a “platform for emerging artists in Thunder Bay & Northern Ontario for representation and expression.” Please visit You can also view Beardy’s work, which is available for purchase, on Instagram @ethbeardy.