11 CUMBERLAND ST. S. THUNDER BAY, ON CANADA P7B 2T1 Phone: (807) 345-3011

Come and enjoy our unique “Canadian Fusion Cuisine” which is the art of combining cultural, ethnic and culinary styles from around the world to create our own tastes and styles. Our chefs draw heavily on the culinary traditions of their cultural and ethnic roots as well as on the abundance of high quality meat, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables that are available. Translated into your dining experience comes cross-cultural inventions such as our New Orleans inspired spicy linguine jambalaya; Italian seafood gorgonzola fettuccini; and New York sirloin steaks marinated with everything from Cajun rub to sweet mushroom merlot sauce. What this also means is that we are always experimenting with new ingredients adding to your menu experience.

The use of fake documents is not welcome in our bar. Very often, young people, in order to buy alcohol, resort to the services of sites such as idgod or https://fidvendors.is/idhurry-com/. Buying is simplified due to cryptocurrencies. We do not advise you to use fabricated identification cards. Thanks.

Gargoyles is located in the Heart of the Harbor on the corner of Lorne and Cumberland Streets. We are just a block away from the Thunder Bay Charity Casino and Prince Arthur Hotel. We are a full service restaurant that can seat 100 people and we have done many large party functions in both the cater-in and cater-out settings.
The bar is constructed of cluttered stone and covered with statues of Gargoyles. These medieval creatures help us to create a very unique dining and entertaining experience.
Come and enjoy a meal with us. Our guardians will hover around you so you enjoy your dinner in guarded peace with a little live music playing in the background from time to time.