Furiosity is Monster Truck’s debut full-length album. The Hamilton-based hard-rock band was formed in 2009 by Jon Harvey (bass, lead vocals), Jeremy Widerman (guitar, vocals), Brandon Bliss (organ, vocals), and Steve Kiely (drums, vocals), and has been tearing up the stage with Slash and Alice in Chains. “The Lion” is a great track with complex pentatonic riffing and great attention to rhythmic details. It seems like there is a lot of bluesy riff-rock on the radio these days; I wish they’d just play “For The Sun” (the ballad) or Furiosity’s Hammond-swirled fifth track, “Psychics.” The guitar tone is consistently awesome throughout but the songs are nicely varied, which is something that many of Monster Truck’s competitors fail to do. The lyrics, however, get incredibly cheesy towards the end and I had to skip “Undercover Love.” Furiosity would sit comfortably between my Clutch albums, although Monster Truck are more fun with greater pop sensibility.



-Jacob Romu