little ship
Charlie Wilkins has been on another adventure and shares it in his forthcoming book, Little Ship of Fools: Sixteen Rowers, One Improbable Boat, Seven Tumultuous Weeks on the Atlantic. Wilkins recounts the fascinating details of planning, training, and packing for the trip. His depiction of life on board is both practical and philosophical, giving the reader a taste of the journey’s resultant smells, deprivations, and sore bums, as well as its deeper meaning. Stories of other Atlantic crossings are shared throughout the book, giving interesting historical perspective. Although this book is not coming out until September 15, it has been ordered by the Thunder Bay Public Library and you can place your hold on it in our online catalogue. For a sneak peek, check out the preview for Life is But a Dream: Big Blue Row—Shebafilm’s forthcoming documentary about the journey.


– Joanna Aegard