In our July 2013 issue, writer Peter Jabs described The JD Edwards Band as “sizzling fireworks” as part of his outline of the Live From the Rock Folk Festival lineup. The band is returning to the north shore for a gig at The Foundry on November 8.

The JD Edwards Band is a six-piece Winnipeg-based group with a fascinating history and a brand new story to tell—they are anything but a genre driven act. Fronted by JD Edwards, the group seamlessly moves between an electric folk-rock sound to a groovy soul vibe, to a laid back acoustic experience that even the pickiest music fan can enjoy.

Their live performances are the musical equivalent of sizzling fireworks. Delivered with a contagious optimism and energy, the JD Edwards Band is able to draw in audiences with a real sense of musical purity. Offering a full pallet of textures and sounds, they are able to musically acknowledge their influences without compromising their integrity or principle. They deliver time and time again with the subtlety and power required to capture their original and highly appealing signature sound.

The JD Edwards Band plays at The Foundry on November 8 from 11pm – 1am. Cover is $5. You can learn more about the JD Edwards Band at thejdedwardsband.com and sample their music here.