By Sarah Kerton

This Saturday, turn off your lights from 8:30 – 9:30 pm in support of Earth Hour. Organized globally by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Earth Hour is an annual event in March that sees millions of citizens around the world turn off lights and other power sources for one hour. While this is a symbolic gesture chosen for its visibility, the real purpose of Earth Hour is to sound a global call for action on climate change. Conservation of energy and the costs associated with reducing peak demand and the educational programs necessary for changing behaviour are far cheaper than the cost of new generation. And that’s without beginning to consider hidden costs that come from the development of new sources, such as environmental, social, and related health impacts. The cheapest kwh is the one we don’t use!

Here are some ideas to help you conserve energy and celebrate Earth Hour:

Organize a candlelight dinner of finger foods for your friends and family
Unplug all your screens and other electronic devices, and get outside
Go offline with your family and break out the boardgames
Find other things you can do in the dark (wink!)

Use this Earth Hour to encourage your family, friends, and workplace to participate and reduce their use of energy. Then challenge them to make energy conservation part of their normal routine. Visit Thunder Bay Hydro’s website for great resources on programs and tips to reduce your energy use throughout the year.