Calico Coffeehouse

Lavender Lemonade

Story by Rebekah Skochinski, Photo by Jack Barten

First there was crimson and clover, and now there is lavender and lemonade. For many of us it feels like we’re coming out of hibernation, and to see the reopening of Calico Coffeehouse after so many months is a balm to our introverted souls. On a recent sunny Friday morning we stopped in for an iced treat while regulars flitted in and out and lyrics to “Lean on Me” rang out over the speaker. If you’re looking for a friend to help you carry on, this Lavender Lemonade—made in-house with fresh-squeezed lemons and a touch of lavender syrup, served over ice with a wedge of lemon—is going to be your best new pal, whether to sit or to stroll. A pretty violet hue, the lemonade has a floral flavour of lavender, which makes a lovely bedfellow for the citrusy lemon (the plant is part of the mint family, after all). It’s lively and full of hope—like sipping summer through a straw. Over and over. 

Calico Coffeehouse 

316 Bay Street