Story and Photos by Adrian Lysenko

There was plethora of gourmet hot dogs to choose from on June 28 at the Sovereign Room as the gastropub was invaded by Lincoln Street Eatery. Patrons were invited to eat 13 different styles of hot dogs including the Korean, the Bobsled, or even the Paul Shaffer, which consisted of an aptly one-word description – bald.

“When people think about experimentation in food they think of more exotic gourmet food,” says Betty Carpick, a volunteer at the event. “Everyone can afford a hot dog.” Priced at $8 a hot dog, some of the unique toppings included hickory sticks, kimchi, rabbit, green pea hollandaise, and duck skin.

Jennifer Sauve, owner of the Lincoln Street Eatery says the purpose of the event was to have a fun night featuring her specialty hot dogs since the Lincoln trailer is no longer in operation. “I am concentrating on construction for the future restaurant at Lincoln [street],” says Sauve. “Also, most of the Sov staff have worked the Lincoln window at one time or another. So it just seemed like a natural place to have [us] pop up. Also there was never a liquor license for the trailer, so this was a plus.”

Overall, the organizers say the event was a success and showcased two local businesses getting together for a fun event.