Magnus_Light Up The Sky_PosterThis year, the annual and celebrated Magnus Theatre community production features eleven local catholic high school teachers as a group of lively, dramatic and eccentric New York theatre-folk on the eve of the Boston premiere of their new play in Moss Hart’s Light Up the Sky.

 A melodramatic diva, a financial backer, a high-strung director, a short-tempered producer and several others gather in a hotel room of the star to celebrate the premiere of their play, the new work of a young, unknown and idealistic writer. They soon turn against the production, themselves, and the playwright when they believe the play was a complete flop. But when the audience approves and favourable reviews come in, the tables are turned. The playwright, incensed by the antics of those he believed to be his friends, decides he is done with the theatre. But is he really, and what happens when he turns on them?

Community productions such as Light Up The Sky began as fundraisers for Magnus Theatre’s capital campaign, the first being Twelve Angry Jurors with a cast of local law society members. Since then, many groups such as local dental hygienists have had their run in a community production. Director Mario Crudo is excited by the production and its cast, saying of the teachers, “An enormous amount goes into these productions, and they (the teachers) have really gotten into it.”

Light Up The Sky runs for eight performances only, May 3 through May 11. For tickets and additional information call Magnus Theatre at 345-8033, or book online by visiting