By Kate Haering (age 8)

We went to High School Musical Jr. at Hammarskjold High School on June 2, 2016. Lots of people came and most of the chairs in the gym were full.

The main characters are Troy (played by Matthew Kokeza) and Gabriella (played by Ashley Luoma). Their friends try to convince them to do other things, but they really want to sing in the school musical. Sharpay (played by Jacqueline Dyck) and Ryan (played by Noah Boeckner) try to steal the lead parts of the musical by lying. I really liked Sharpay and Ryan because they are like the bad guys, but they are funny. When they auditioned for the lead part, they did lots of funny moves, pushing each other out of the way. When Sharpay tried to make Ryan dance with her, he shoved her out of the spotlight.

There were parts of the show that kind of confused me, but I liked it anyway. At the end of the show, there were cheerleaders performing their really impressive moves, like throwing people up in the air and catching them.

Good job to everyone involved in putting on this show!