Magnus Theatre’s Theatre for Young People tour will bring two resonant and relevant productions to schools throughout the region and Southern Ontario through May 24.

 For student audiences in Kindergarten through Grade 6, the importance of tolerance and accepting differences is at the heart of the bi-lingual Head a Tête, by David S. Craig and Robert Morgan.  Two strangers come across a magical fruit-bearing tree in a cold, desolate land. But a language barrier gives way to frustration and confrontation. Can the two strangers overcome, find a way to communicate, and share? Critically acclaimed, Head a Tête encourages everyone to examine how we treat each other and the world around us.

With gentle humour, hope and honesty, The Day Billy Lived, written by Chris Craddock, examines teenage perception of the rising crisis in depression and suicide. Overwhelmed and troubled teen Billy resolves to commit suicide as an act of rebellion but finds himself being shown how truly great his life is and still can be. Suitable for audiences in grades 7 through 12, The Day Billy Lived is a 1998 Sterling Award winner which does not shy away from confronting the hard facts about teen suicide.

 Both productions feature actors Jonathan Fisher, Amy Meyers, Stephen McLarty, and Alison Smyth, who are each excited about and eager to share the messages and truths in each show.  Meyers says of The Day Billy Lived that “It is about breaking down people’s perspectives you. Getting someone to see that they are loved is a great and worthy challenge.”  Noting the sensitive topic, McLarty adds “It encourages students to talk about it (suicide) through the point of view of the character rather than attribute it to themselves.”

 Both productions are directed by Lila Cano and the tour is now underway.  For booking and additional information, contact Magnus’s Theatre in Education Animateur Amanda Cyr at 345-8033 or visit