(from Left to Right) Paul Morralee, Secretary to Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior (CLLS), Eric Hansen, Commodore of the Thunder Bay Yacht Club, Senator Bob McKay Director of CLLS, Paul Capon Chair CLLS and supporters Gloria McKay and Mayor Richard Harvey of Nipigon. (Thunder Bay Main Lighthouse) Photo Credit: Margaret Capon

Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior is an umbrella organization, which is developing a historic trail of lighthouses for everyone to share.

As a member in good standing with the Ontario Historical Society, plans are being laid for this summer’s operation to welcome visitors. Leases have been secured from the Department of Fisheries & Oceans for Pt. Porphyry and Number Ten (Shaganash) Lighthouses.

Paul Capon, Chair of CLLS said, “summer volunteers will work towards readying the locations for future visiting tourists, artists, painters, outdoors adventurists, birders, kayakers, sailors and boaters. Transport Canada approved charter boat services will provide accessibility to those in need of transport.”

The organization also announces it second Annual Superior Lighthouse Symposium being held at the Prince Arthur Hotel, this Saturday May 10th.

Guest speakers include:

Joanie McGuffin photographer, outdoors enthusiast and author, who will speak about the development of a new Lake Superior water-trail that incorporates the lighthouses.

Darrell Makin local author, kayaker and lecturer from the School of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism at Lakehead University will speak about kayaking through the islands and how lighthouse can be used as stopping-off points.

Michèle Proulx Parks Management Planner, Ministry of Natural Resources will be speaking about local island habitats and regional park spaces. A local documentary, “The Lighthouse Trail” will be shown to orientate lighthouse symposium guests to our regional opportunities.

For more information, please contact: Paul Morralee, Secretary CLLS Ph. 472-5190