WURS are spending their summer days in a van and the nights on the stage as they promote their latest creation, Bird Eyes. The indie/rock/folk band’s new album wonderfully blends mellow sounds with rock. And their energetic shows are a seeming natural juxtaposition with their relaxed sound that makes them a great band to watch.

As their first national tour together is about to take off, WURS are preparing for life on the road. “I’m looking forward to seeing the country, camping, meeting new people in new places and playing music every night,”says Mike Lazenby of WURS.

WURS now call Montreal home, after merging together from Hamilton, Dundas, and—for Lazenby—Scarborough, England. “I have to endure a lot of Tiger-Cats references and mock British accents,”Lazenby laughs. Let’s face it: that could make for a long time spent in a van together.

Bird Eyes has definitely progressed from their rawer sounding album, Red Brick House. Lazenby says, “Bird Eyes has more of a consistent ‘album’feel, as we took the time to consider each track. The album has a slightly more serious tone to it as well –as always with our music, there’s a lot of pop hooks, but there are darker moments too.”

It’s this blend that keeps the tracks connected with each other. Songs to check out are Little Bird, Backporch, Blades of Grass, and Legally Dead. Legally Dead is Lazenby’s favourite song to perform. “The energy that comes out of that song is almost impossible to convey on record,”he says.

It’s easy to see why fans love watching WURS perform. There’s a lot of love coming at them. “I love the feeling I get from being on stage and really getting into the song, as if it’s still new to me –everyone seems to be in the same frame of mind and connecting with each other’s playing,”he adds. “You feel inspired to give 100% of yourself.”

You can catch the band May 30 at The Apollo.

-Melissa Gaudette