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Drink of the Month
at Calico
30-50% off
EVERYTHING in the store for the entire month of August
196 Algoma Street S. Thunder Bay Tel: (807) 767-1557
Khukuri warrior knives from Nepal. Indian scarves, Wicked Thai designer clothes,
Molecule cargo shorts and pants. All organic Jewelery and silver rings.
Home Decor items including wall hangings, buddhist art and beaded curtains.
Also, Nepali glass pipes, bongs and accesories.
Classic international brands such as SURE, WEED, KUSTOM KULTURE, AND Junk.
A huge assortment of kids clothes that will flash out your lil' ones.
Also: free coffee or fresh tea drink from next door at the Bean Fiend with purchases over 100 bucks.
Blossoming up nostal-
gia of childhood, Calico
Coffeehouse's Creamosa
tastes like the bottom
of an ice cream float. A
Creamosa is club soda,
cream, and a shot of flavour
(your choice). Its velvety
appearance and strong but
impeccable flavours ignite
tastebuds. Perfect for a hot
summer day; the chilled li-
bation cools you down bet-
ter than a cold shower after
a sunburn.
Get it to go and walk
around the bustling Bay St.
area or calm Waverley Park,
or sit in the relaxed atmo-
sphere of Calico. Consider
a size recommendation:
small or medium. Add the
flavours of raspberry/vanilla
or coconut--delightful.
Melissa Gaudette
Time to roll down the window, drop the top, and in some
cases, leave your car's roof in the yard behind the garage. It's
summertime: the best excuse to race that topless (or at least
partially nude) freedom machine into the feral forests of our
great city. The only thing louder than the wind's percus-
sion gun thumping in your ears is the struggling speaker.
There's some kind of magic happening when we're driving
down some lost highway together; no one really talking to
each other, but everyone belting the same song with the same
missed notes and botched lyrics.
Summer, the road trip and tunes: maybe that's why so
many of us rock out into the woods. If you're not so sure
about what I am saying, you may have never been on a rock `n
roll road trip and I pity that. But I can get you halfway there.
Here's the formula for a summer-road groove-a-polooza. First
thing you need is a heaping helping of songs that celebrate
the sun, heat, popsicles, bikinis, and ditching work. Then mix
that up with those that celebrate short summer nights. Add a
dash of equal parts Indy with classic and the summer mixed-
tape, thought so long extinct, is born again; all things possible
through a little bit of rock.
Summer Driving Tunes
By Anthony Pedace
Californication by The Red Hot Chili
Time to Pretend by MGMT
Pretty Little Bird by Mark Berube
Summertime by Sublime
All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem
Walcott by Vampire Weekend
Date with the Night by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Mushaboom by Leslie Feist
Lions for Scotty by Hey Rosetta
Animal by Miike Snow
Frank, AB by The Rural Alberta
Hospital Beds by Cold War Kids
Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John
Last Night by The Strokes
by TV on the Radio
Just remember that what you're
looking for are `Freedom Anthems'.
After all, isn't that what Canadian
summers are all about: iceless roads
and sleepless nights. Keep the win-
dows down and the volume up.
: Shannon Evere
: Darren McChris