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Commuter Bikes
Finding the Right Fit
By Adam Krupper
Riding a bike is one of the healthiest, most economical,
and environmentally friendly things you can do. Many
people dream of making biking a part of their daily life.
One of the biggest barriers is having the right bike.
Dan Tremblay, Thunder Bay's bike courier explains,
"I rode a mountain bike my first week on the job and I
thought I was going to die! Since I acquired a better tool
for the job, it's gotten a lot easier! It's imperative to have
the right bike."
The right bike depends on what your goals are: Do you
want to cruise or rip around town? Do you want to be
chic or inconspicuous? Do you want the total-package
commuter or barebones machine?
Most important factor is fit. Whatever bike you buy,
it must fit you like a glove and feel natural beneath your
feet. Try as many bikes as possible, get them fitted to you,
and buy the one that feels like home.
Here is a small sample of the bikes our excellent local
shops carry:
"Ride Longer"
Trek 7.3 FX ($749)
The 7.3 FX is a fast, efficient and budget-friendly
bike perfect for a quick day trip, short commute
or ride with the kids. It offers a lightweight Alpha
Aluminum frame, also keeps the rust away from
frame and parts. Aggressive, yet comfortable
riding position with mounting for racks and
fenders, giving easy and fast installation
"European Chic Goes Commuting"
Electra Amsterdam 3i ($659.00)
With an elegant upright riding position, vintage
styling, and features like matching fenders and a
fully enclosed chain guard, you won't be shy to
throw on a skirt and heels to head out for a night
on the town! The Amsterdam is also available in a
Men's version as well.
"On/Off-Road Commuter"
Kona Jake ($899)
Fresh Air Experience
The Kona Jake is a mid-range commuter bicycle
designed specifically to handle large ride distances
easily while maximizing rider comfort. It features
a 7005 aluminum frame composition as well as a
compact rear triangle for an excellent balance of power
transfer and stability. Additionally, the Jake sports a
taller head tube for a more comfortable ride.
"Fast, Versatile and Loads of Fun"
Giant Rapid 3/Dash 3($599)
Fresh Air Experience
It's versatile, it's inviting, and most importantly,
it's a bike you'll want to ride every day. With
high-quality ALUXX SL aluminum tubing and
comfortable, stretched-out, flat-bar geometry,
Rapid is your ticket to improved fitness or a
stress-free commute, or both.
"Simplicity in Being Single!"
Marin Inverness($589.00)
Strip away shifters, derailleurs, and cables, and what are
you left with?
A single gear and a lifetime of smooth pedalling,and
maintenance-free enjoyment!
This bike gives you the option of running either a
freewheel or fixed gear.
"The `Everyman' (and woman) Bike"
Cannondale Quick 5($549)
Rider-friendly saddles, grips and pedals combine with a versatile
and attractive frame that's an adept commuter, fitness bike, or
introduction to the sport after some time away from cycling.
"Burn Calories Not Gas!"
KHS Urban X ($489.00)
This bike comes equipped with everything you need
for your daily commute - fenders, rear rack for cargo,
ergonomic grips for comfort, air conditioning included!