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The Walleye
Cool Ice Cream
Growing up during the dog days of August there was nothing quite like sit-
ting on a step with all the neighbourhood kids, sucking back freezies or savouring
a popsicle or Creemix, stickiness flowing down my wrist. I have often revisited
Creemix memories and have wondered what happened to them. Were they a
Thunder Bay phenom? Because when I mention Creemix to anyone not from
here, they often look at me like I have two heads.
The freezies, popsicles and Creemix were certainly a treat, but an even bigger
treat was when we got to go to an ice cream parlour in the evening. Back then,
we traveled across the city to Scollie's Ice Cream on Walsh Street. When I was a
young kid I almost always ordered Blue Bubblegum and then when I was a "big-
ger" kid, I switched over to Tiger Paw. Today, Scollie's is gone, but the evening ice
cream trek continues to be a hot summer night indulgence.
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Thunder Bay
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Merla Mae
346 Memorial St.
It doesn't seem to matter what day
of the week it is, once those Merla
Mae doors open at the beginning of
May (this year they opened a couple of
weeks early because the weather was so
agreeable) it's hard to find an evening
when the parking lot isn't full. Golden
oldies spill from the outdoor speakers.
Known and loved for the "twin" cone,
Merla Mae has been around since
1951. Milkshakes (available in flavours
like root beer and cherry) and banana
splits are also favourites.
500 W. Arthur
(at James Street)
A relatively new player in the ice
cream scene, TJs is in its second year
of operation and offers both hard (16
Breyers flavours) and soft ice cream.
Made with full cream, TJs soft ice
cream is extremely creamy and can
definitely compete with local veterans.
Signature items include the Hokey
Pokey (hard ice cream that tastes like
a Crunchy bar), Monster Cookies
(chocolate chip cookies sandwiching
soft ice cream) and the very colourful
Ice Cream Explosions.
Shake Shoppe
Highway 17, Kakabeka Falls
Rarely can you drive by the Shake
Shoppe on a hot summer evening in
Kakabeka Falls, without seeing some
sort of line. On a rare day without a
line (due to intermittent rain showers
and cloud coverage), regular clientele
still swing by the shack. After 35 years
in the business, the regular soft serve
cone continues to be a favourite as
well as the gooey, chocolaty hot fudge
Chachi's Drive-In
431 Cumberland Street
Another new ice cream player, the
50s style drive-in Chachi's has been
around for about a year. Located
where the old A&W used to be,
Beatles' paintings hang on the wall,
checkered details and bright colours
give the place a retro feel. Offering
good old fashion hard ice cream (va-
nilla, strawberry and chocolate), staid
and true maple walnut continues to
be a customer favourite as well as the
chocolate shakes.
Next Stop Home-
made Ice Cream
636 Arthur Street West
Formerly located in the train station
at Marina Park, Next Stop's homemade
ice cream and waffle cones are second
to none. The ice cream is of premium
quality - far from the "frozen des-
sert" available at the grocery store. We
recommend Kahlua fudge and cherry
cheesecake for mature taste buds and
bubblegum for kids. For those with
nut allergies, Next Stop has a well-
stocked nut-free freezer. Milkshakes
and take out litres are also available.
: P
at Pugh
: Darren McChris
Enjoying homemade ice cream at Next Stop Ice Cream
Enjoying Creemix back in the day