YOUNG EMPIRES have just revolutionized how fan meets video. The band teamed up with director Miles Jay, digital director Derek Blais and the digital design team at Jam3 to create the first-ever ‘Facebook Connect’ interactive video for their single White Doves, from their critically acclaimed EP 2012’s Wake All My Youth (Pirates Blend). With just one click, watch your memories become an integral part of the video.  Get ready to have your mind blown here. With 107, 498 combined views in just a week the video is taking over the cyber airspace. The band are set to kick off their Canadian tour at NXNE followed by dates from Thunder Bay to Vancouver, including stops at Ottawa’s Bluesfest and Hillside Festival (dates listed below).

After meeting following their Girl Talk show in July 2011, director Miles Jay and Young Empires realized they had a great connection because of their mutual appreciation for each others’ art. Miles and Jake Palahnuk (bass) began talking about making a music video and Miles came up with the concept of utilizing social media to tell a story about itself and it’s emotional affect on our generation. The interactive concept for White Doves was born – click here to experience.

The White Doves video was co produced with Vision Entertainment Inc. and FamilyStyle, Miles Jay states, “I wanted to utilize the viewer’s Facebook information to help tell a story. For White Doves, the users’ Facebook photos are used in a way to aim to inspire the viewer.  It’s an exciting time to create content. I believe we have a lot of potential to develop the way we tell stories with interactive digital media.”

The band describes the video as an introspective look at memory. We’ve become so reliant on Facebook and other social sites to capture and index our memories…what if you lost them all? White Doves is a song about finding a memory; finding a place inside of you that brings you back to the excitement, hope, recklessness, and innocence of youth.

Fresh off the release of their phenomenal video the band is poised to make their mark across the country with their electric live performances when they hit the road this summer. Already nabbing opening spots for GirlTalk and Foster The People, the band has been steadily increasing their cred since the release of their 2012 EP, which garnered them performances on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight as well as MTV Live and has received rave reviews.

Get ready to experience Young Empires – They play in Thunder Bay on June 20 – Thunder Bay, ON – Crocks