Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 10.52.43 PMWintersleep’s sixth LP, The Great Detachment, is not only the furthest thing from detached but the music might have actually awoken me from a sleep… in the winter. After reading up a bit, I was impressed to find that they crafted a portion of the album without actually having a deal—a testament to any band’s devotion to actually making music instead of just trying to just make a living. This is a reboot for the band after winning Band of the Year at the Junos in 2008, opening for Paul McCartney in 2009, and charting with their track “Weighty Ghost” in 2011. Songs on the new album like “Metropolis,” “Amerika,” and “Spirit” are among my favourite new Canadian sounds already after only spending a short time with them. Devoted “Wintersleepers” won’t be let down and if you are looking for something new, this is it!

-Jamie Varga