hadfield book

This book provides a different perspective from today’s conventional wisdom “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” and is captivating from the outset. By visualizing defeat and preparing for everything, Hadfield shows how the lessons of competence and humility are necessary to a successful life on earth—which, interestingly enough, is where astronauts spend almost all their time. Part memoir, part life lessons, Hadfield’s book is a page-turner full of fascinating details on the daily life of an earth-bound astronaut, and the sacrifices and trials (both his and his family’s) that made him the only Canadian to visit Russia’s Mir space station, the first Canadian to spacewalk, and the first Canadian to command the International Space Station. As commander of the ISS, (his final mission to space, which ended May 2013), Hadfield brought international fame to the space station through his charisma and use of social media.

– Sarah Kerton