On Thursday, November 29, the City of Thunder Bay Recreation & Culture Division along with Scott McKay—the artist who created the stainless steel sculpture “Pulse” at the new Superior North EMS Headquarters building, will be holding an “Artist Talk” to discuss the experience of becoming involved with the public art process. McKay will be on hand at the Baggage Building Arts Centre to discuss the sculpture and his experience applying for, and creating, public art for a municipality.

“Scott is relatively new to the world of public art, so he is a great example for other artists to learn from,” said Reana Mussato, the City’s Public Art Coordinator. “A public art competition is a different process and a city is a different sort of client; this an opportunity to ask questions, learn from others and become comfortable with the process because it’s very rewarding to see your work permanently installed and become part of the City. I strongly recommend artists stop by for this unique opportunity.”

Mussato and McKay will be on available to field questions from an artist’s perspective about how to get a foot in the door and what to do after you’ve won a competition. The City’s Recreation & Culture Division administers the public art program, which regularly offers public art opportunities in the City.

The Artist Talk will begin at 5:00 pm and is free of charge, no pre-registration is required. Members of the public are welcome to attend.