This is the premiere album in a forthcoming series of unreleased material by Stompin’ Tom Connors. After what ended up being his final concert tour in 2011, Stompin’ Tom decided to record a set of ten albums with songs from his early days of performing in the 50s and 60s, back when he could sing, from memory, over 2500 songs in his repertoire. The tracks feature Stompin’ Tom’s signature guitar picking on his 100+ year-old Gibson and his much-revered Canadiana lyrics, and are a combination of covers and his favourite originals that were selected by his wife Lena. Most of the 17 tracks are upbeat toe tappers, but there are a few tender ballads, like “I Overlooked an Orchid” and “When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold.” There is a connection to NWO with “Little Wawa,” but the highlight is definitely “Ode For The Road (Many Years Ago).”

-Michelle McChristie