With all the excitement about Arcade Fire’s new release, I thought why not review the other voice on “Reflektor” (yes, that’s Bowie singing in the background), and the album that set the standard for glam rock. I read some old reviews online and its entertaining to note Rolling Stone thought Bowie might be “cashing in” on the glam rock phase. As we know, he ended up defining glam rock and gave the genre its most familiar look. Both sides of the album list tracks that have influenced and inspired countless artists since their release. Bowie’s classic rock and roll anthems, like “Suffragette City” and “Ziggy Stardust,” should be revisited and appreciated for their purity, but the whole album is a front-to-back masterpiece filled with emotion and storytelling. Want to know why you love Arcade Fire so much? Listen to this album.


– Dave Probizanski