By Greg Holden
As October’s issue of The Walleye showed, Thunder Bay has a rich and diverse history of theatre production. Eleanor Drury Children’s Theatre (EDCT) has been providing opportunities for Thunder Bay youth to participate in local arts since 1982. Last year they were unable to put on a production due to a lack of volunteers but after months of hard work and, with the help of dedicated producer Catherine Forbes, talented directors Aleksa and Kyre Shermack and a number of parents and volunteers supporting this passionate group of young actors, the theatre is not only back but back in a big way!
On Tuesday, November 19, for one night only, EDCT will be presenting a performance of The Wizard of Oz on the community’s biggest stage—the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium. Like the children’s theatre itself, this classic tale of a child who enters a fantasy world of witches and flying monkeys and cowardly lions only to realize there is no place like home, has been given a new lease of life on its 75th anniversary.
All of the classic characters and familiar songs will be there, but have been infused with Broadway-style dance numbers and contemporary pop music. Mix that with the endearing fun and energy of a fabulous all-youth cast and you have yourself a terrific family night out.
Help support local talent and introduce your children to the wonderful world of stage theatre—it may inspire one of your little “munchkins” to get involved next year!