The Thunder Bay People Project is a photography-based initiative that aims to showcase the diversity and creativity of the residents of Thunder Bay.

The Thunder Bay People Project (TBPP) was created by Madison Ranta, who drew inspiration from the viral photography campaigns Humans of New York and Project Unbreakable. “In both of these photography projects, photographs of people are paired with quotes in order to convey a message,” Ranta says. “Because Thunder Bay is such an interesting city populated by unique residents, I wanted to showcase members of the population by taking a snapshot not only of their physical person but also of their thoughts and personalities.”

Once they have chosen their favourite question from a list of options that includes queries such as “What’s one piece of advice that you would give to a group of people?” and “What are you most thankful for?”, TBPP participants write their own personal and uncensored response on a chalkboard. They are then photographed at a Thunder Bay location while holding the chalkboard that displays their personal quote.

“It’s interesting to see how different people will answer the same question,” Ranta remarks. “No matter their age, people always seem to be thankful for the same things: family, basic human rights such as respect and peace.”

The Thunder Bay People Project was launched on July 13, 2014 and has amassed over 30 entries to date, gathered from sessions at Hillcrest Park, and during Summer in the Parks. The TBPP will be taking place at the Superior Youth Festival on September 3, as well as at Open Streets on September 14. Citizens interested in participating are encouraged to become involved.

The TBPP is run by volunteers from MadRants Productions, and photo sessions for the project can be requested by emailing Check out their Facebook page at