Hooligan Fuel Hot Sauce Fundraising Campaign Returns

Story by Leah Morningstar, Photo by DZ Photography

In January of this year, residents of Thunder Bay were introduced to Kevin Cernjul and Kimberly MacKenzie, owners and proprietors of Hooligan Fuel Hot Sauce.

They started Hooligan last summer, during one of the many lockdowns. Bored and wondering how to pay the bills, they decided to try out some family recipes for hot sauce. They experimented, tasted, handed out samples to friends, and perfected their recipes. They jumped all-in and their hard work has really paid off. The sauces are now available at multiple retailers and restaurants around town. The Hooligan brand has become well known and the customers are loving it.

One thing they’ve always done, since the beginning, is give back to the community. Supporting Thunder Bay has always been very important to Cernjul and MacKenzie and they’ve donated products to many fundraisers and loaned their time to many important projects. One of their favourite causes is that of animal welfare. Cernjul and MacKenzie adopted two cats (Cola and Biscotti) a couple years ago and found that being cat owners brought so much joy to their lives. They both care so much about the well-being of pets and have taken particular interest in helping connect families to rescued cats that need homes.

This is the second year of the Hooligan Fuel Hot Sauce “Save a Stray” fundraising campaign. Last year, animal rescue organizations really felt the financial strain from pandemic lockdowns and restrictions. “Last year we were able to donate over $1,300 to Save a Stray for supplies and operation costs,” Cernjul says. MacKenzie adds, “I hope we can donate even more this year—anything to ease the financial burden that comes with caring for these wonderful animals.”

Part of the proceeds from each bottle of Crandemic, a flavour of hot sauce made with real cranberries, will be donated directly to Save a Stray. Crandemic will be available online, as well as at several retailers all over the city, including Beefcake’s Burger Factory, Nomad, George’s Market, Dawson General Store, The Cheese Encounter, Agostino’s Deli, Fresco’s Deli, Creekside Nursery & Garden Centre, and Eat Local Pizza. Donations can also be made without a purchase via the Hooligan Fuel website.

Visit hooliganfuel.com for more information.