Popular Diner Reopens

Review by Susan Pretty, Photos by Keegan Richard

The smell of coffee is in the air again. Word is out that a favourite diner has reopened, and the patrons couldn’t be more delighted. Owner Tom Theodoropoulos unlocked the doors to Cronos Café in September for take-out, and has recently expanded to dine-in as well. Bring on the nostalgia!

Cronos Café was known as Lakehead Lunch back in the day (1967–1994). When Theodoropoulos’s father retired in 1994, Theodoropoulos took the biz over and turned it into Cronos Café. On a whim in 2018, he thought “I think I’ll close it at the end of the day and do something else,” and that’s what he did.

He went on to work at a local hotel for 14 months. Although it was a great learning experience, he found the kitchen life a bit loud. Theodoropoulos says he came to the realization he could do basically the same type of work at his own place in a much quieter and thoughtful environment.

Customers will find that a lot of old favourites are back, even on the shortened menu, and there are plans in place to add to the lineup weekly until it’s close to the original. The Greek salad dressing is familiar and tangy, made with the highest-quality olive oil and plenty of goat feta atop the veg. When asked to share his secret Greek salad dressing recipe, Theodoropoulos replies wryly, “There are no secrets in the world of the internet. But I’m still not going to tell you!”

The bacon mushroom cheeseburger was every bit as tasty as it looked, crowned by caramelized onions. “My best sellers continue to be the Greek salad and the chicken Souvlaki, although there’s been a pickup in the sales of burgers,” Theodoropoulos notes. We can see why! Not a meat eater? The falafel wrap with fries is a tasty treat, with homemade tzatziki sauce, fresh lettuce, and tomato.

And don’t forget the famous big milkshakes available in a myriad of flavours. If you can’t decide between coffee and a shake, just ask for an espresso milkshake. Cronos Café’s whole bean coffee has been roasted in-store since 2006 and is available by the half or full pound. This could make a great stocking stuffer.

Cronos Café is open 4–8 pm, Wednesday to Saturday at 433 Syndicate Avenue South, or call 622-9700. When you swing by with the fam jam, check out their new sign: “Good food for nice people!”