Restaurant, Venue, Bar, Oh My!

Where are you going for your next night out? One great new option is The Industry Social House, which can fulfill all your elevated dining (and drinking) needs. Exceptionally modern and inviting, The Industry Social House, located at 782 Macdonell Street—just up the road from Sleeping Giant Brewing Co., and behind Mario’s Bowl—officially opened at the start of summer, and they say they have big plans going forward. If it’s not on your radar already, you may want to check out this hot new spot soon. 

The modern industrial space is equipped to offer a little bit of everything. With a fully stocked and decorated bar top, a large dance floor, and a well-balanced pub-style food menu, The Industry functions as a restaurant, event venue, and bar. Offering everything from a buttermilk chicken waffle plate to a Wagyu burger, their menu is delectable. Complemented by a drink menu that has been expertly crafted by biochemist-turned-bartender, and official bar manager, Brad Valila, this may be the perfect spot for your next date night.

Better yet, it may also be the spot for your next shag. Tucked behind the chic seating area is an expansive space that has been crafted to be an ideal set up for musicians and performers (which operations manager and wedding DJ Kevin Cernjul knows all about). With insulated walls and very picturesque décor, The Industry is a fully functioning event space that is ready to host everything from drag bingo to weddings. On November 18, the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra will be offering a candlelight performance of Taylor Swift covers, an event that sold out almost immediately after it was announced. 

Going forward, managers Cernjul and Valila plan to host plenty of other events such as the Taylor Swift Orchestra evening, and will enter the late-night bar scene soon enough, with extended hours on Friday and Saturday nights. Striking the balance between restaurant, bar, and event space is something the team at The Industry has done impressively well since first opening, and they say they are excited to start staying open late on the weekends going into the fall. 

Stay tuned for the official launch of their fall drink menu—there’s a certain drink on there that we are particularly fond of! 


Story and photos by Emily Turner