Where are the creative people in Thunder Bay? How do you identify these individuals? They may stay up all hours of the night, they may tirelessly donate their time for free or at little cost, they may get a kick out of extremely finite details of an obscure architectural style, they may get on stage and sing with no fear at all, or they may have taught you how to dance. These individuals are the black stripes on an otherwise white horse—they enliven our cultural sector and make Thunder Bay better than it would be without them.

Nominate an artist, heritage champion, cultural organization/group, or business that has made a significant achievement in, or demonstrated support to, the local cultural sector. Show your recognition of their valuable contributions to the community. Nomination deadline: Monday, December 22, 2014,  4 pm. Click here for the nomination form.

The Arts & Heritage Awards are proudly presented by The Walleye.