Bluesfest: Day Two

We knew the Tedeschi Trucks Band would be great, but their performance was no less than mind-blowing. With Derek Trucks on lead guitar and his wife, Susan Tedeschi, belting out the lyrics, the 11-member band played a set that Bluesfest fans will savour. The chemistry between Trucks and Tedeschi was unmistakable, especially when Trucks got “the look” when he almost launched into what might have been a self-absorbed guitar solo. Tedeschi’s expression said, “snap out of it” and Trucks’ silent response was, “oops, sorry.” With a wall of energy pouring out from the speakers, the audience seemed transfixed in a blues-induced stupor. The band could have played all night (no such luck), the buzz continued with the audience as they walked up the hill to the after-party in search of more live music (there was plenty).

Other highlights included Royal Southern Brotherhood, featuring Cyril Neville and Devon Allman (Cyril being the youngest of four Neville brothers and Devon the son of Gregg Allman). Allman gave a soulful performance, proving that he has carved-out his own niche based on raw talent while upholding the Allman name as one of the iconic families of southern rock.

And who expected to hear Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” at the Bluesfest? Popa Chubby’s rendition on guitar was awesome, as was the rest of his performance. Even he couldn’t stay seated. As one might guess, Popa Chubby is a huge man, but he produces an equally huge sound and bends sound like Silly Putty.

Bluesfest continues today with Rodney Brown & The Derailers at noon and ends with .38 special at 9:30 pm.