Throughout Sydney Blu’s career as one of Canada’s top EDM performers, her digital success gave her the ability to fill venues with thousands of people ready to dance. When the COVID pandemic shuttered large music venues across the world, Blu returned home to Thunder Bay to finish her sophomore record. Conviction isn’t meant for the blues of isolation, however. It’s a call back to the packed stands of a pre-pandemic time and a reason to get back there as fast as possible. Sydney Blu unleashes a relentless assault of high-energy drum patterns, purposeful vocals, and masterful synth work. Although the formula may repeat itself over the course of two hours, the sonic details give each track new life. While the live experience will have to wait, Blu offers some of the sleekest production an artist from this city can aspire to, and has decades of experience to back it up.

-Michael Charlebois

Rating: 4 out of 5