Sharon Van Etten made several good decisions while constructing her latest album, Remind Me Tomorrow. For those familiar with Van Etten’s past works, there is still the raw, visceral emotion that you are likely used to, but the soundscape has shifted somewhat due to some outside production collaboration and an almost total depart from the guitar. While still quite distinct this album easily fits Van Etten into a pack of my favourites surrounded by PJ Harvey, St. Vincent, and Florence and the Machine. I am very excited to find that instead of attempting to add an edge to otherwise stale music, the electronic slant of the album really adds new dimension to already well-written pieces. The lead-out single, “Comeback Kid,” joins my other favourites on the album, “Memorial Day” and “You Shadow,” but I found the follow-up single, “Jupiter 4,” to be the weakest of the remaining tracks (although still palatable). No matter what your tastes may be; if this album pops up in your recommendations do NOT pass it by and click Remind Me Tomorrow!

-Jamie Varga

4 out of 5