Well, this is a tasty treat. Nine songs from this indomitable local trio that mangle all your harsh metal subgenres—grind, noise, sludge, hardcore, post-metal—into a delightfully acerbic taffy. Live staples like “Knife Fight in the Basement” and “Welcome Wind” that have been destroying years’ worth of $5 shows are finally displayed in all their pisscore glory. There are aural beat-downs aplenty, sure, but most bands with volume can manage to pummel your eardrums. Femur’s taken all their experience and written songs that go places. Take “Locus of Control” for example. The whole song dramatically shifts mood and tempo throughout its four minutes, as Femur waltz along before laying in a sucker-punch. Seriously, this three-piece have put so much time into making these monstrous songs sprint that they might as well have bunk beds on the corner of Black Pirates Pub’s stage. Do yourself a favour and go throw these guys some dollars on Bandcamp; I guarantee you’ll be blasting
Red Marks long after the snow’s melted.

-Justin Allec