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With a cast of characters drawn from Dr. Seuss’ most renowned works, the students of Westgate Highschool delivered an outstanding performance of “Seussical” on May 2, with additional shows on May 1 and 3.

Roles in the musical were perfectly cast and audience favorites included Armelle Sandford as The Cat in the Hat,  Sean McMillan as Horton the Elephant, Stephanie Philp as Jojo, and Melissa Vondrasek as Sour Kangaroo. The actors delivered convincing performances, featuring Seuss’ signature anapestic meter, that were matched by harmonized vocals backed by the school’s orchestra. The Seussical set was simple, yet whimsical, much like the illustrations in “Oh the Places You’ll Go” and other Seuss classics.

Young and old alike appreciated the humorous and light- hearted production. Like most Dr. Seuss books, the story intertwined social commentary and morals—as relevant today as when Dr. Seuss wrote his masterpieces decades ago.