Breaking Necks with Wildcat Vintage 

By Kelsey Raynard

Don’t turn heads—break necks! This is the motto that Jennifer Miller, the owner of Wildcat Vintage, uses to describe her edgy, 90s-inspired thrifting. While many of the thrifters we have interviewed curate a softer, more feminine aesthetic, Miller rocks (emphasis on the rocks) pleather jackets, fringe bags, band tees, and quirky home decor. Since 2019, she has been sharing her own personal style @wildcatvintagetbay and is excited to bring her Wayne’s World-inspired collection to the homes and closets of Thunder Bay.

Miller’s pursuit of thrifting and vintage goods was born from both a growing personal collection and a deep respect for the past. “Wildcat Vintage was born three years ago out of my love for the trends and fashion of days gone by that aren’t around anymore. I think it’s important to preserve the past—to keep what once was still present.” 

However, it is clear from looking at Miller’s bright and eccentric Instagram page that to her, old is anything but boring. “I wanted to showcase vintage with an edge. That’s where my slogan came from: ‘Don’t turn heads—break necks,’” she says. “I want people to do a hard double take every time they see something from my shop. I want people to reconsider the idea that second-hand means second place.”

Not only does Miller’s wild style set her thrifting business apart, but her seamless incorporation of women’s wear, men’s wear, and home decor make Wildcat Vintage feel both genderless and limitless. “My love for men’s clothing is almost stronger than my love for women’s. The men’s section has never let me down for a size; there is no shrinkage; and often, it’s not ten times as expensive!” she explains.“Clothes don’t have a gender, so I say if you like it, then rock it! Why the hell not?”

Miller has compiled an offbeat and original collection of fashion and home decor that is sure to have you breaking necks this summer. Up top we have three bold graphic tops: an acid wash Bob Dylan tee (size large for $25), a cheeky billiards tank top (size small for $20), and a classic Dirty Harry T-shirt (size medium for $25). You can finish off the look with a vintage purple velvet handbag ($10) or a stunning suede fringe jacket (size medium for $40).

As promised, Wildcat Vintage is here to brighten up every aspect of your life. Freshen up your home with some of Miller’s funky housewares that bring both nostalgia and nuance. On the right we have a pair of vintage Thunder Bay placemats ($10); you may not want to eat on them, but these are sure to bring some good conversation at your next dinner party. You can score a truly memorable collector’s piece with a set of 13 vintage Thunder Bay postcards (all 13 for $10).  Cheers your new thrifted purchases and sip in style with a classic pike mug ($5) or a vintage CN Tower stein ($10), and give all your houseguests a good laugh with a vintage dog sign for only $5. Lastly, on the left we have a curious vintage pill box ($5) and a fierce panther lamp ($25). 

The thrifters we feature spend a great deal of time, effort, and love curating these awesome collections. You can support Miller by liking, following, and checking out @wildcatvintagetbay on Instagram. “Message me and interact with me online. I love sharing customer photos! Be sure to use the hashtag #wildcatvintagetbay to be featured,” she says. Finally, keep your eye out for an exciting vintage event happening this August!