A Look at Ounces

By Justin Allec

As much as cannabis legalization was introduced to curb the black market, I find it pretty amusing that the old methods of weighing cannabis are still standard. It’s a bizarre mix of metric and imperial measurements that don’t make a lot of sense unless you look to the past. The gram may be the smallest quantity of dried flower you can buy, but the legacy of the ounce still dictates all your available, pre-packaged quantities. Why isn’t there a two-gram size available? Why does it then expand up to seven grams? As someone raised on the metric system who describes their body weight in pounds, what the heck is an ounce?

To explain, an ounce is equal to about 28 grams—28.3495 grams to be specific, though rounded down for the sake of convenience. Those smaller quantities available for purchase—3.5 grams and 7 grams—represent what used to be called an eighth and a quarter, standard sizes on the black market. Twenty eight grams is two grams less than you’re legally permitted to purchase at one time. It also sounds like a big bag of cannabis. because it is. However, I have a feeling it’ll become the ideal size for consumers looking to balance between quality and quantity. 

Despite inflation affecting everything on earth, we’ve steadily seen the price for the dried flower go lower and lower. As of this month, there’s more than a handful of tasty strains that are available for less than $5 a gram. That magic ratio is appealing to both producers and consumers, and perhaps the best evidence that legal cannabis can beat the black market. Thanks to better packaging and the use of hydration packs, dried buds are also staying fresher for much longer, which helps justify having a big bag on your shelf.


Take a look at the three strains we’ve profiled below.

 Bake Sale: All Purpose Flower Indica (THC 14.00–17.00%, CBD 0.00–1.00%, $99.96/28g)

This strain by Hexo most closely matches the cheap ounces that first graced the Ontario Cannabis Store’s shelves. While this indica does veer closer to “quantity” than “quality” in profile, it’s a great generic blend that gives you just enough of everything. Taste and experience are moderate, but this is a great strain to share during summer festivities.

Back Forty: Mandarin Cookies (THC 21.00–27.00%, CBD 0.00%, $139.95/28 g)

A newer company, Back Forty is a Kolab Project brand that’s coming up with some interesting hybrids. Mandarin Cookies is a sativa-dominant strain that mixes the classic Cookies with Mandarin Sunset to produce an intense lemon flavour with hints of sweetness. High potency and great flavour mean that a big bag might not last as long as you expected.

Spinach: Wedding Cake (THC 21.00–31.00%, CBD 0.00–1.00%, $5.18/g, $145/28 g)

I’ve become a big fan of Spinach’s strains, and their Wedding Cake has become something of a local favourite. A cornucopia of terpenes means you get densely frosted buds that sweetly combine fruit, earth, and spice into a delicious mouthful. As a hybrid strain, effects vary, but there’s lots to recommend with this strain.