Story by Susan Pretty, Photos by Adrian Lysenko

This year marks the 16th anniversary of Salt & Pepper Catering, and owner Dave Thomas couldn’t be more excited. After his catering business ground to a halt due to COVID, Salt & Pepper is finally enjoying a resurgence of bookings. “We’re booking into 2024 now,” Thomas says, shaking his head with a smile. “It’s crazy.”

Dave Thomas, owner of Salt & Pepper Catering

One of their most popular items is the pasta take-out on Fridays. “It started in 2010 after hosting a pasta fundraiser for a customer,” Thomas says. “I thought it would be cool to do each week in addition to our catering.” Their focus is on using only the best-quality tomatoes, local pasta, and other ingredients to stay a step ahead of the Sunday spaghetti take-outs. “All of our core ingredients come from Agostino’s Deli, including [those for] our original recipe for tiramisu,” Thomas says.

Customers have a wide range of pastas to choose from, making it difficult to pick just one. Tomato sauce lovers will dig the tangy-sweet notes of the sausage and rosemary penne, and the beef and pasta shells with hints of Boursin cheese are pure comfort. Cream sauce lovers will enjoy the shrimp and scallop linguine in a light pesto, and the smoked salmon and asparagus with bow-tie pasta topped with a hearty dollop of fresh lemon zest tastes just like spring

It’s tricky to pick a showstopper, with every dish being wonderfully al dente and seasoned perfectly, but the shiitake mushroom and goat cheese ravioli, with a hint of truffle and a crispy basil leaf atop of each pillowy ravioli, brings it home. And the pizzagna, a whimsical dish and a cheesy fusion of two classics, brings together two favourite flavours into one delicious bite.

When pasta goes on hiatus for the summer, Thomas will be launching a series of catering boxes instead. “The idea is that they are going to be a bit smaller than what is normally out there,” he explains. “And that they can be ordered online.” A beautifully put-together veggie box features not one, not two, but three tempting dips. And a must-try is going to definitely be the box with the big beautiful burrata, surrounded by prosciutto and flatbread.

Pasta take-out is the first Friday of every month, excluding the summer. Visit or call 623-8775 to order. Customers can also request to be on their monthly email list so they don’t miss out on any of the specials.