Delaqua’s Panzerotti Pizzeria

Review by Susan Pretty, Photos by Jack Barten

Let’s give a big Thunder Bay welcome to Delaqua’s Panzerotti Pizzeria!  

It all started very innocently. Jason Delaqua and his daughter were hungry and stopped in at a restaurant to grab a bite to go. A pizza wizard made him the best pie he ever had. A week later, said resto went up for sale, and Delaqua acquired it—and said wizard—and the rest is history! Word of mouth got around fast and furious. Business picked up, and Thunder Bay gave a warm welcome to Delaqua’s. Panzerottis soon became a house favourite. With sauce served on the side—rather than in the filling—these concoctions fry up light and crunchy. “They are great baked also,” Delaqua tells me with a wry grin.

Staffer Daniel Therriault was an employee at the location’s previous business and is the jazz hands behind the scenes. Two other staff, Andrew and Katie, help out during peak periods, and Delaqua’s employ their very own drivers (one of whom is Delaqua’s son, Jaydan).

Let’s talk menu. With dough and sauce being made fresh every single day, “we don’t fool around,” Delaqua says. Customers can pick their favourite pies from a range of toppings in four different sizes—build your own, or pick from house recipes like the Delaqua’s Special, a meaty blend with just enough spice to hit the spot. Add some wings to make it a combo, and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Deep-fried pickles are on the menu too, along with other delicious items such as sandwiches (breaded chicken being a favourite), chicken parm, onion rings, chicken fingers, wedges, garlic pie, and cheese garlic pie (which is described as a thick and delicious garlic bread). Have a sweet tooth? No problem. Cinnamon sugar bites are available to lend a hand, and make a great end to a delicious meal.


Like what you see and taste? Keep an eye on this place in the future for some unique twists!



Delaqua’s Panzerotti Pizzeria

80 Empress Avenue South