At first glance, a book filled with technical line drawings of bicycles and components may not grab one’s attention. However, contained within these pages is an immense compilation of remarkable illustrations by the talented Monsieur Rebour. Drawing primarily for French bicycle magazines and companies, he produced thousands of illustrations spanning from 1945 to 1983. More than just a collection of drawings, this is an illustrated history of the modern road bike. Here you see the evolution of technical refinements and learn that those high-end hydraulic brake systems and index shifters have existed for decades. As you travel through time admiring the work and marvelling at the sheer output, you are treated to depictions of famous bikes from the past ridden by the likes of Anquetil and Merckx. The drawings come first, with detailed history a distant second, sending you to the internet to learn more. This one’s made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

– Mark Serediak