By Tiffany Jarva

Thunder Bay’s Joey Burnz (of Burnz ’N Hell, best known for their YouTube viral video “My Hometown”) has shifted musical gears, playing with his new fully backed band Pretty.Ugly for almost a year now. “I was trying to drag myself away from the Top 40/hip hop genre and take it to another area,” says Burnz. “The lyrical content on this new project is much darker, graphic, and more honest than I have ever been.”

Pretty.Ugly started to take shape in April 2012, with Joey Burnz (lead vocals and producer), Jason Spun (back-up vocals), Dystrakted (turntablist), Marty Steel (keys), Jordan Gray (drums), Jon Bajada (producer), and the recent addition of Beef (guitar) and Tim Thomas (producer). The majority of the band is from the Thunder Bay area.

Pretty.Ugly is performing at Crocks February 15 at midnight. Fans can purchase download cards in celebration of the band’s (almost) first successful year together.

Photo by Day Vid Z Photography and edited by Spun Creative