By Jacob Romu

On Friday, June 28, The Dweezils hosted The Doggett Experience at Black Pirates Pub to celebrate Travis Doggett’s birthday. For those perhaps less familiar with local music, Doggett is one of the more prolific players here in Thunder Bay. For 10 plus years he has been entertaining crowds at the various downtown beverage establishments. Travis Doggett currently plays guitar in The Dweezils, a fairly experimental three-piece who are just as comfortable playing for a jazz crowd as they would be for metal ones; Tapout, a metal band whose songs are typically about mixed martial arts; and The Camden Blues Band, where he’s a recent addition on bass guitar.

The Camden Blues Band, versatile as they are, strayed from their moniker to some extent, choosing some of their heavier material to match up with Tapout and The Dweezils. Doggett’s (and maybe Thunder Bay’s) favourite band, The Auditor General capped off the evening with a relaxing, mellow, even depressing set. They pulled Doggett onto the stage to sing and play guitar for a few of their most well-known songs.

Walking around downtown Port Arthur, you should be able to find posters advertising shows for all of these bands. I strongly recommend seeing any show they play, especially since they are usually between $5 and $10 at the door. And like them on Facebook to stay up to date!