Story by Eden Rennie Kinniburgh, Photo courtesy of Paramount Live

On Friday, January 20, I went to see the Lion King Jr. at the MapleTops Activity Centre. This show was put on by Paramount Live and all the actors were kids!

The show was based on the Broadway production of The Lion King and the music was also the same as in the Disney movie. I loved this show. Everyone’s singing was so good and the costumes were astonishing.

The story is about Simba, King Mufasa’s son and heir to the lion throne. The plot is that Scar wants to take over the Prideland. Scar is Mufasa’s evil brother, so taking over the Prideland would be a pretty big deal. The other main characters in this play are Nala, Zazu, Timon and Pumba.

During the show, I really enjoyed the performance of Mufasa, Simba’s dad. Four kids played his part: Sana Ahmed, Cael Dixon, Emma Laforme-Currie, and Jessica Smith. They said most of their lines together to create the sound of a powerful voice. Mufasa’s head was made out of paper maché. The kids who played Mufasa operated his head by pulling a string so that the mouth moved when they talked.

I also enjoyed the performance of Simba. Young Simba was performed by Benjamin Boake and Older Simba was performed by Tamsyn Klazek-Schryer. Both actors were always in character. I liked how young Simba was funny, and older Simba was a really great singer. The kid who played Scar was also one of my favourites. He made me feel like Scar was a really evil character and made me feel mad at how mean was!

Something amazing I think you should know is that the tickets were all sold out! The creative costumes and face paint were also out of this world. For example, Zazu’s bird costume was so colourful, it was amazing!

After watching the show, I decided I should join Paramount Live because it looked like they were having so much fun.