Local music act Ocean City Defender has been kicking butt in Japan. This past December, he released his album Star Tropics in Japan on the Rallye Label and Ocean City Defender is ecstatic that it’s almost sold out. Luckily, he has a limited number of copies to sell to local fans and will have them available at his release party at New Day Records & Accessories on February 22 at 2 pm.

Star Tropics is a rare collection of Ocean City Defender’s music, with the tracks from The Young Person’s Guide to Modern Fashion & Etiquette (EP, 2013) and The Golden Hour (EP, 2012), plus a few more. This is synthpop at its best, so it’s not surprising the album has been snapped up by fans overseas.

Here’s the tracklist:
01. The Nature of Things
02. Unlimited Evenings & Weekends
03. Star Tropics
04. Some Local Heights and Failures
05. Check The Tapes
06. Part Of Everything
07. The Freddy Shelly Throat Punch
08. Movement
09. The Golden Hour
10. The Sporting Life
11. Balance Of Terror

Ocean City Defender’s music is introspective often focussing on themes of disconnection, or alienation in existence. Referring to the song “Star Tropics,” he explains that it speaks to “a common fear I think most people have: memory, and the loss of self through the loss of memory. That’s really all we are to ourselves, and to anyone else isn’t it? If I wake up one day and can’t remember who I am, or anything I’ve ever done, I would only really exist in the memories of others. One day the people who remember you will disappear too and we’ll cease to exist entirely. I think that’s why art, writing, music, etc. is so important: the hope that your work will outlive you and mean something to someone again someday. Maybe I think too much?”

We don’t think so. People identify with artists who can thoughtfully articulate what so many think and feel. Check out the new album…we heard there will be free cake too.