Northern Grown from Kelly Saxberg on Vimeo.

The Food Security Research Network recently premiered a local food documentary which has been in development for six months. “Northern Grown” is meant to give consumers the opportunity to meet a collection of local producers and hear their thoughts on the state of the region’s food system.

“Knowledge transference is a large part of our function,” says Dr. Connie Nelson, Director of the Food Security Research Network. “We’re dedicated to bringing together resources, to mobilizing the knowledge of the academy and the community for social change. And film is a great way to share knowledge!”

Five local producers, members of the Food Security Research Network’s Roots to Harvestyouth group and a local grocery store owner were interviewed in the making of the documentary. Each speaker offers a unique perspective on the local food system.

Discussions cover a number of subjects including opportunities for business development in food processing, the health issues surrounding industrial-scale beef production and the problem of – and an answer to – our culture’s ever-growing distance from our food. Dr. Nelson says the half-hour film will make interesting viewing for high-school age students and adults interested in local food initiatives.

The video is available now for viewing online at and DVD copies will soon be available by request from the Food Security Research Network.

The Food Security Research Network is dedicated to bringing together the resources of the academy and the community for the purposes of developing resilient local food systems in Northwestern Ontario, and giving university students life-influencing experiences as they create positive change in the world around them.