Matt Sellick’s latest album, North Shore, is a graceful intersection of rugged northern reflection and the mystical flamenco sound that is his craft. In the dreamlike opening track, “On a Moonless Night,” his tremolo evokes the ripple of wind through leaves while lying by the lake and gazing up into starlit infinity. With the addition of piano (“Sirius”) and flute (“Almost There”), we get a sense of Sellick’s ability to incorporate these timbres seamlessly into the fabric of his unique style, while “Neys Day” captures the essence of a fickle and shifting wind that can change an entire scene in a moment. Listen carefully and you’ll catch the subtle sounds of waves rolling, sandy percussion, and even a loon call. Don’t skip the liner notes, either. With gorgeous photos from Sellick’s various stops along the North Shore, and the stories behind some of the pieces, it is an integral part of experiencing this album as a complete work of art.

-Steph Skavinski