Noël Keag
Noël Keag of Stone Circle Pottery uses the essence of clay as her inspiration to create unique yet functional works of art reflecting movement and flow. “Some of the components of clay are over 400 million years old,” says Keag. “That knowledge hits my soul in a unique way. There has been so much life in the history of that clay… my goal is to try to bring some of that life back and this is what inspires me to create in a groovy and moving sort of way.”

Her unique style recently led to her work being chosen for Lark Books’ 500 Teapots Volume 2—an inspirational book series of clay art featuring exceptional artwork by top international artists.

Functionality is paramount for Keag, who feels a deep connection through practical use. “The maker has touched every particle, it holds aspects of their personality,” she explains. “There is so much to be said about someone reaching for your mug everyday and seeing something about it that makes them happy.”

Through Keag’s personal experience with clay, she firmly believes there is an undeniable synchronistic connection between creative expression and well-being—a belief that resonates deeply with many of her students, who openly support this through their own personal observations.

“My passion lies with the whole health experience of art. I’ve seen it,” says Keag. “When I touch the clay, I am just with it, everything else simply falls away. If you can give that sense of peace to someone who is suffering or struggling in their lives, even if just for a moment, it becomes a wonderful experience for them. Being able to provide that opportunity is a phenomenal experience for me.”

Keag offers various classes for all ages and skill levels that endeavor to enliven and evolve one’s own unique inner artist. “In sharing what I love, watching people excel is so spectacular,” says Keag. “It is so exciting to see students create something that they are absolutely proud of—how beautiful that is!”

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By Bobbi Henderson