my brother the devil

My Brother the Devil
Directed by Sally El Hasaini

My Brother the Devil is the debut film by Welsh-Egyptian writer-director Sally El Hosaini. The film tells the story of two British-born Egyptian brothers struggling to make their way in a rough, ethnically diverse London neighbourhood. The brothers come from a close-knit family and their respect for their parents and their culture is evident throughout the film. While the younger brother, Mo (Fady Elsayed), has aspirations of higher education, his older brother, Rashid (James Floyd), is embroiled in a street gang with ambitions to support his family in this way. El Hosaini weaves in elements of faith, politics, and sexuality to complicate the plot—just when the story seems predictable, El Hosaini throws in a twist. With believable characters played by convincing actors, the film is a unique take on an inner-city gang story that will leave you wondering which brother is the devil.

-Michelle McChristie