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Sampling a country’s cuisine is an excellent—not to mention delicious—way to get a better understanding of its history, culture, and approach to life. And largely thanks to new Canadians and later generations closely in touch with their heritage, we get to enjoy international fare right in our own city, no passport required. In this issue of The Walleye, our reviewers munch their way through entrees at 12 different Thunder Bay eateries representing Jamaica, India, Italy, Japan, Greece, China, Thailand, Mexico, Burma, Vietnam and Switzerland. Whether it’s an authentic reproduction of a traditional recipe or a dish that’s been reinterpreted Canadian-style, we’re sure you’ll want to try them all.

– Bonnie Schiedel


Interactive digital edition

MARCH 2023: No Tongues

 Throughout my editor’s letters I’ve written about borscht, varenyky (perogies), and sweet grain pudding served on Ukrainian Christmas Eve when talking about my ancestral connection to international cuisine. And aside from my roots, I was fortunate to grow up with parents who broadened my palate at a young age by introducing me to foods like sushi, tajine, and even beef tongue tacos (my dad loved the shock factor with the latter). Last month, my family and I took a trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico (big thanks to Matt Prokopchuk for doing an excellent job in my absence), and it was a great opportunity to sample some appetizing local fare, but sadly, I couldn’t find any beef tongue tacos.

-Adrian Lysenko





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