June 2023

Exploring our Urban RIvers

A bird’s-eye view of the rivers of Thunder Bay invites a variety of comparisons: arteries and veins, perhaps, or abstract art, or how about meandering pathways or even trickles of sweat and tears on a face? Those comparisons are fitting, because the waterways are part of the region’s history, commerce, transportation, recreation, ecology, and culture, marked by sorrow and joy. In this issue of The Walleye, we take a closer look at the Current, McIntyre, Neebing, and Kaministiquia Rivers along with McVicar Creek, and the role they play in Thunder Bay’s past, present, and future. 

– Bonnie Schiedel


Interactive digital edition

June 2023: Exploring our urban rivers

Growing up as a country kid, rivers were my playground. I would spend many summer days swimming, searching for crayfish, fishing for brook trout, and later in life, I developed a passion for canoeing and kayaking. These memories are fondly ingrained in my mind. As my son grows up, I can already see he has a similar affection for rivers, and as I get older, the more I’ve come to realize how important it is to respect and protect them. Sustaining ecosystems, allowing transport, and providing energy, rivers serve as a lifeblood to communities. And this is especially true of the five major rivers in Thunder Bay.

-Adrian Lysenko





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